back pain

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Back pain and its cause The cause of back pain is due to various reasons. The main distinction is whether there are congenital or acquired causes. About 10-20% of back pain is likely to be congenital or inherited, such as a fracture in the vertebral arch or ossification of the lower lumbar spine with the […]

Herniated Disc

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Symptoms (complaints) of a herniated disc A herniated disc can cause very different symptoms. The milder forms make symptoms like back pain, more severe forms of pain can lead to radiating pain and in the worst case even cause symptoms with paralysis. You feel like you’re on the dog, on your back or on your […]


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Shortening of the hip flexor (psoas or iliopsoas) is already one of the most shortened muscles in the body due to sitting for long periods of time with the hips flexed. For about 200 years, people have been sitting on chairs in our form of society. Before that, most people squatted in the natural squat, […]

Chronic lower back pain

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Chronic back pain is common. To many, it seems as if there is no solution to this. In this context, chronic pain also has a cause and can often be significantly improved. However, it is not always the classical ways of medicine that provide relief. There seems to be a weak point in the lower […]


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Ergonomics is the interaction between people and their workplace. Both in the office and in the home office, there are therefore requirements for the nature of the workplace. Classical ergonomics attempts to keep the human body within its usual range of motion. Ergonomics thus sets limits for mobility in a comfort zone. Ergonomic means that […]

Find the right sitting position at the desk!

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Surely you know it yourself: After a long day of work in front of the computer, your back hurts, your neck and shoulders are tense or your knees and hips hurt. If you suffer from one of these problems and already have to take painkillers, it’s time to do something about it and work on […]