For years I have been pursuing a vision: to make your life pain-free without much effort. For this purpose, I have developed a method with my team that accomplishes just that: Sturfen.

Dr. Christian Behrendt

Dr. Christian Behrendt

The head behind the sturfer. Orthopedic surgeon is his main job and amateur engineer in the evening.

Christian Behrendt, MD, is a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery/traumatology and runs a specialist practice in Germany and in Austria respectively. Never satisfied with simple answers, he has always sought new ways to more accurately pinpoint causes of pain and offer real solutions. Dr. Behrendt is very much on the road for this at training courses, courses and on the web. As a result, his spectrum has also expanded to include many new and little-known therapeutic procedures.

From his own desire to not want to do exercises and still stay healthy, he came up with the idea of using simple everyday adjustments to eliminate the cause of pain. This is how the Sturfer came into being as a tool for moving necessary daily stretching exercises to the workplace. As a father of 5 children and with two practices, there is little time for sports and exercise besides the daily work.

Born in Bonn in 1975, he studied in Bonn, Berlin and Freiburg and spent time abroad in Switzerland, Austria and South Africa. After completing his residency in Switzerland, he performed a wide range of surgical procedures as a spine surgeon, first still in Switzerland and later in Austria. His focus today is the non-surgical treatment of back pain, neck pain, headaches and osteoarthritis, and he is sought out by numerous patients for second opinions. Dr. Behrendt is a pioneer for various new therapy methods, YouTuber, author and the inventor of the sturfer.

In my 19 years of professional experience as an orthopedic surgeon, I have seen over 150,000 patient encounters and through this work and the exchange can develop precisely this method, which will identify the causes of Back pain combats. You don't need any more exercises for that, no sports and no weight training - and you save time as well!

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The Sturfer Story


Healthy and pain-free – even without exercises in the workflow of everyday life. The Sturfer enables a whole new working posture never seen before, no sitting, no standing, no squatting and no standing aid. What awaits you is sensationally new.

If you do exercises, you will get even better. If you are lazy, the training will be taken away from you. Without limiting your performance.
It happens passively, but your body becomes active.

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