You can only experience sturfen when you feel it.
97% of previously skeptical female users rate the Sturfer as very good and good.
94% were surprised by the comfortable position.
92% of users rate the Sturfer as very good and good.

Survey by Sturfer on Therapy Leipzig 2023 (194 participants, 118w, 76m, 0d)

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We have collected a few initial statements, but will also be posting some videos and photos from private users and corporate customers over the next few weeks.

Ina HÖFER, St. Pantaleon

Sturfer Nutzerbericht, Nutzererfahrung, Sturfer

Is there actually a Nobel Prize for Health? I would award it directly to you for this great invention! 🙏✨️! For a few weeks now, I’ve been stubbing for about 1-2 hours a day after work, doing my private office work or reading a book. I am always happy about the mega great – pain-free – feeling afterwards. Now I’ve finally found a great balance to my sedentary job without having to do lots of exercises to avoid back pain. The Sturfer is of really high quality and sturdy construction and also looks great! After trying it out a few times, I got the hang of setting the different pitch positions and it works very well. In the meantime, I have changed to the 37.5° position and the calf stretch to a greater degree. It seems to me that the natural squat as described in your book works much better since then. If the health insurance companies would pay for the Sturfer (or at least part of it) instead of 3-week spa stays, then ALL back sufferers would benefit permanently. 😊 Thank you very much Mr. Dr. Behrendt and best regards!


For me, the Sturfer is a training device and, like most fitness machines, it needs to be practiced and used. I haven’t been plagued by low back pain or anything like that yet, and I deliberately ordered the Sturfer as a prophylactic. So far I have not booked the recommended elasopathy with Dr. Behrendt out of sheer laziness, but I imagine it would be easier and more efficient. So my sturfing experience so far has been positive. The Sturfer has given me a bolt-straight posture and I no longer sit so slumped in my normal office chair. I would absolutely like to praise the manufacturer’s service. A small technical shortcoming was quickly rectified by the surf crew, many thanks for that.  


I have always been a keen sportswoman and have trained regularly to stay in shape. But at some point I got back pain, which got worse and worse. It was a dull pain that stretched from my lower back to my legs.

I went to the doctor and explained my situation to him. He examined me and then told me that I had a disc problem. I was shocked and scared at the same time – would that mean I could never do sport again?

However, the doctor assured me that it was possible to treat my muscles with targeted training and thus alleviate the pain. He recommended that I should first have my muscles made elastic. I went to a therapist seven times, who then taught me stretching exercises.

I followed his instructions exactly and started training. At first, the exercises were difficult and painful for me – but I didn’t give up.  But I had difficulties with the daily exercises. I just couldn’t get the stretching right, which is why the pain kept coming back. The therapist then recommended the Sturfer to me. I was skeptical at first, but I believed him. I borrowed the money from my parents and bought the Sturfer. Suddenly the stretches were possible. After a few weeks, my body got stronger and the pain slowly began to subside. I was finally able to walk or even go jogging again without any discomfort! What an incredible feeling!

But it wasn’t just physically that I felt better – a lot had changed mentally too. I felt more energy in my life again than ever before!

It’s really not worth just sitting around or sitting still in front of the computer screen. It needs the stretches. Now I can do them on the screen without my body rebelling. Even if the beginning is difficult, it is always worth getting active and doing something for your body and your health.

I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up – because now I’m pain-free again and enjoying my life to the full!

Furniture retailer, Northern Germany

After a training course at Sturfer by Dr. Behrendt: “I don’t know whether I can still sell chairs with this knowledge.”


I have now moved my daily yoga to my desk. I have a very long commute to work and am simply exhausted. I asked my employer if I could put a sturfer in the office at my own expense. The company has already provided me with a height-adjustable desk. Everyone who comes into my office wants to try it out. We’ve already had a lot of fun with it! Thank you!

Thomas H. Zurich

The Sturfer won me over from the very first moment. I didn’t even have a height-adjustable desk, but I had severe back pain. After an examination with Dr. Behrendt, I started sturting and – oh wonder, every day my pain went away. I’ve been sturfing for 4 months now. My compliments to the inventor! It is so comfortable and my pain is gone, unimaginable.


It was worth the trip to the dealer in the Rhineland. I tested the Sturfer intensively there and immediately struck. I’ve had it for two months now and not a day has gone by that I haven’t used it. My pain was really severe. They are not gone, but they are much better. It is now much easier for me to recover from the pain.


I get up in the morning and the sun shines on my face. I am full of energy and zest for action, because I have one goal in mind today: to work. I know that sounds unpleasant to many people, but for me it’s an opportunity to showcase my skills and make a difference.

There are many reasons why I want to work. Since I’ve been able to surf, I feel freer than ever before. I never wanted to sit. Standing just wasn’t for me. I have tried so many stools. I was unhappy.

Now I go back to work every day with full commitment. I want to show my colleagues that they can rely on me and that we can achieve something together. I have been looking forward to the Sturfer ever since I discovered it 7 months ago. It took a long time. I’ve had it for 4 months now.

In my job as an architect, I have the opportunity to be creative but also to take a structured approach – both of which suit me very well! Every day brings new challenges, but these are exactly what make my job so exciting and varied. I can constantly develop and learn new skills. The ability to sturfen was completely unknown to me until last year and it was so important to me.


Thank you very much Dr. Behrendt. Your recommendation was really a great help to me. I still don’t get around to surfing every day, but I don’t actually have these long-standing pains anymore. Whenever it starts, I sit down on the Sturfer in the evening and it subsides again. Thank you very much!

Michael G. Waldkirch

I don’t want to be in pain and that’s why I bought the Sturfer. I find it totally comfortable. I have never folded it into a chair. For me, the most important stretch is the thigh stretch. Super part!

Rebekka G. EBNAT

Simply very comfortable. I am an occupational therapy student and saw the Sturfer at the trade fair in Leipzig. I really wanted to have the Sturfer. My parents bought it for my birthday after much insistence and it is used in my room every day. I love him!!!

Julia M, EAST Switzerland

A completely new treatment option for my practice. We have tested the Sturfer intensively. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Sturfer yet, but I’m waiting for it every day, because what I’ve seen convinces me completely.


We have tested the Sturfer intensively for our company locations in Frankfurt and Cologne and it is on our shopping list for our Group.

Gerhard F. Leinfelden-Echterdingen

My experience is really very good. I am self-employed and spend many hours a day sitting down. I don’t have to do that anymore. I am really very happy and grateful.