Frequently asked questions

You can order the sturfer by calling 08654 – 5899670 or by sending an email to

You can order the Sturfer without a customer account.

Yes, we offer the sturfer in installment purchase via Paypal and Klarna.

Converting to throw mode takes only a few seconds. 3 handles are required.

You can use the sturfer with a body weight up to 120 kg and a height from 155 to 200 cm.

Yes you can build the sturfer on your own. The sturfer comes in 2 packages. You have to put the gas spring into the base, put the seat unit over it and screw on the backrest.

We recommend a daily increase of 3 minutes per day. As an absolute minimum, Sturfer in the standard position is sufficient for 20 minutes to maintain freedom from pain. For training success, continuous use throughout the day is advisable after an introductory period. We anticipate a comfortable usage time of 4-5 hours daily to keep all muscle groups involved sufficiently stretched.

No, but you must be careful to start very slowly. It is necessary to increase the sturfing time of 3 minutes on the first day by no more than 3 minutes per day.

No, the sturfer will do that for you. However, you should do a therapy from the field of elastopathy before the sturfer. In this process, the muscles are first made elastic so that the almost complete stretch is possible.

There is no age limit. The sturfer is designed for adults of all ages. However, there are some conditions listed under Sturfer where Sturfer may not be possible. For children, there will be the Sturfolino children’s model.

Yes, the sturfer is equally suitable and comfortable for all genders.

You should not use the sturfer during pregnancy. If you have an artificial hip joint, you are unfortunately not allowed to use the Sturfer. In the chapter Sturfer you will find more diseases where Sturfer may not be possible.

No. The specially designed, laid out & certified base ensures perfect stability in all positions. The load is always central. So far, we have not managed to make the sturfer topple over.

We recommend an individual sturfer for each user. The reason for this are necessary individual settings that should not be changed for every application. The sturfer should be used again and again in different positions during the course of the day; this is only possible if you have a sturfer available all the time. Furthermore, you have a different relationship to your sturfer than you do to a chair. You are very close to the sturfer with the front of the body and the fabric also with your face. We therefore recommend that you use your own sturfer, also for hygienic reasons.

“Steps” is the combination of the English terms “sit” for sitting, “stand” for standing, and “surf” for working online: S(t)urfen. Sturfen is the held stretch of the hip flexor muscles.

The warranty period is 2 years. Close contact with first-time buyers is extremely important to us. We are always available if there are any problems and will keep a close eye on the products, especially for first-time buyers.

We assume that the spare parts will be available for years. We manufacture most of the parts ourselves and have the post-production in hand. The purchased parts come from brand manufacturers for whom we also assume a long-term supply possibility.

The sturfer is practically complete. We are planning attachments to the current version. However, further downstream products can also be fundamentally new. This is not yet foreseeable.

Our service will instruct you by phone or via a web platform on how to perform small repairs on your own, if necessary. The sturfer is designed so that most parts can be fastened or loosened with normal tools. If, contrary to expectations, major repairs are necessary, we will organize this.

The sturfer is made of durable components. We assume a service life of many years.

The Sturfer will be offered at an introductory price until around the end of 2022. After that, the sturfer will be more expensive and maintain this price level.

The sturfer has had a development period of 5 years. The complexity of combining the fall function and the seat function without restriction has made the design extremely difficult. We have rebuilt every single component several times in some cases, and some very frequently. Due to the complexity, practically no ready-made purchased parts could be used. We had to have almost all components manufactured ourselves.

Since the sturfer must fully support a human, the sturfer has very high safety requirements. During the sturfing you have no contact with the ground. We have therefore placed very great emphasis on safety, stability and durability.

The Sturfer is made of high quality components, manufactured by brand manufacturers specifically for the Sturfer. Sustainability and the optimal use of resources are important to us, both in the choice of materials, the finishers and the transport routes. To save transport distances and uncertainties in the supply chains, the Sturfer is manufactured in Europe in certified factories with very good working conditions.

You can’t compare the cost of the sturfer to an ergonomic office chair. The Sturfer is also an ergonomic office chair, but it also offers unexpectedly more options. You have the option of not having to do any exercises. No matter how hard you find it to do exercises. The Sturfer takes away your practice time and exercises, it solves a previously unsolved problem. The sturfer has its price. For what it does, the sturfer is not expensive. Many pundits think the sturfer is too cheap. However, we want to make the Sturfer usable for as many people as possible and have therefore kept the price as low as possible.

The sturfer is equipped with individually brakable rollers. If the sturfer is too difficult to roll, lay it on its side and use a Phillips screwdriver to turn the screw located under the rollers counterclockwise to the left for each roller. This makes the sturfer easier to roll.

The sturfer is equipped with individually brakable rollers. If the sturfer rolls too easily, lay it on its side and use a Phillips screwdriver to turn the screw located under the rollers clockwise for each roller. This allows the sturfer to brake more and roll less.