Register here as a partner. We only confirm dealers and therapists as partners. Affiliates must describe their type of promotion to us in order to be activated.

Registration is non-binding.

You can benefit in 3 ways:

As an affiliate or partner, you link to our products and receive a commission.

As a therapist you have 6 options:

  1. You use the Sturfer in your previous therapy.
  2. You can offer your patients casting sessions after your normal therapy, which they can then do according to your instructions. In theory, you can offer 16 sessions a day per sturfer.
  3. You can recommend Sturfer to your satisfied patients.
  4. You will be trained by us in elastopathy and can bill patients privately for this therapy.
  5. You open a stretching center and patients come to you for stretching.
  6. We advertise your practice on our homepage.

Any affiliate who promotes us and comes from a country that we supply can participate in our affiliate program. All you need to do is send us an email to and let us know how you are promoting us. If the request comes from a country that we do not supply, we cannot confirm the registration. We check the information.

Every therapist can also register here. There are 3 levels of partnership for therapists. In the “How do you advertise for us” field, a VERY SHORT description proving that you are a therapist is required. As a rule, the practice homepage is sufficient. If you would like to send proof by e-mail, please send it to

You will receive further information about the partner program after we have approved your account. We will check your application and reserve the right to reject it if you do not provide proof.

The payment e-mail is the e-mail address with which you are registered with Paypal so that we can deposit your payouts there. You can also enter or change this later in the settings.

Retailers can also register here.

Course and certification portal: Once we have approved your account, you will also receive access to our course and certification portal. You must also create your own password there.

ENGLISH: Any affiliate who promotes us and comes from a country we serve can participate in our affiliate program. It is necessary to fill in the field “How to promote us”. If the request comes from a country we do not serve, we will not be able to confirm the application. We will check the information.