WORLD’S FIRST: Next Generation Ergonomic Office Chair

The Sturfer


The Sturfer is the first solution that lets you eliminate the cause of back pain at your desk, whether you’re in pain or you just want to stay healthy – and it doesn’t require any effort.

The sturfer - trained comfortably

The Sturfer is the new, globally unique lifestyle product for the office workplace that prevents or reverses back pain without effort. Posture weakness is reduced resulting in straighter posture and a flatter stomach. The sturfer is also high quality fully functional and certified ergonomic office swivel chair. Follow the logical order to understand the sturfer or jump directly to the product.
Mit dem Sturfer endlich schmerzfrei werden, bringt die Hüftbeugemuskulatur auf länge ohne Übungen.

All this can do the sturfer

The Sturfer enables a new working posture that eliminates the negative effects of sitting and standing. The sturfer thus replaces the office chair. This makes it possible for everyone in a comfortable way to get rid of back pain in the office during work and get out of work pain-free. The Sturfer is also the first product to fully match and complement a height-adjustable desk.

The primary effect of the sturfer is to hyperextend the hips, thus eliminating the main cause of back pain. No other exercises or sports or strength training are needed and you save yourself time and energy. You get a straighter posture without effort, the hollow back forms back and your belly becomes smaller. If you do sports, the Sturfer will help you maintain your training condition.

You can do numerous stretching positions on the sturfer while working. The sturfer even allows for more stretching for some muscles than is possible with exercises. Especially the psoas muscle (hip flexor) and the piriformis muscle can be stretched uniquely well this way.

The sturfer stretches lumbar and thoracic spine, hip, knee, calf, abdominal and chest muscles.

That's why you need the sturfer

For the first time, the Sturfer offers the possibility to reverse the cause of the development process of back pain or to prevent it through precautionary measures (prevention). To do this, you need to know how back pain develops.

We started sitting on chairs 200 years ago. When sitting, the hip is bent about 90°, which leads to muscle shortening (loss of elasticity) of the hip flexor muscles and subsequently of other muscles. The psoas muscle is particularly affected. Since then, generations of students have shortened their muscles during their school years. Muscle shortening cannot be reversed by itself or by short stretching exercises alone. This muscle shortening is one of the main reasons for the development of back pain. Back pain can also have other causes, but these are likely to be much less common. The hip flexor (psoas muscle) runs from the front of the hip to the back of the spine.

Sitting causes shortening of the hip flexor muscles. When sitting, the muscle pull is still relieved. When standing, the strong muscle pull that runs from the front of the hip to the back of the spine then causes compression of the discs and further damage to the spine.

This muscle course causes the intervertebral discs to be squeezed when standing up. This initially results in a bulging of the intervertebral disc (protrusion) and later in a herniated disc. The crushing of the intervertebral disc when standing is the reason why even 72% of all pain-free people get back pain after 2 hours of standing.

Only by hyperextending the hip can the muscle shortening be compensated again. The permanent stretching of the hip can improve the muscle shortening of the hip flexor muscle again by making the muscle elastic, allowing it to reach its proper length. Alternatively, a therapeutic procedure from the group of elastopathy can eliminate the muscle shortening, it is then necessary to perform daily stretching exercises to maintain the elasticity of the muscle or sturfen every weekday.

Only real sit-stand solution

2-in-1 comfort

Sports Affinity & Efficient

Relief of the intervertebral discs


Just lean into it comfortably!


For the introductory price !


incl. VAT plus *Shipping cost * Standard shipping in 5 – 10 working days 49€ within Germany
  • For people from 155 – 200 cm
  • Approved up to a body weight of 120kg
  • Sturdy and fully certified office swivel chair
  • High-quality material selection with combination of lightweight components with sustainable materials and upholstery materials
  • Weight-adapted automatic synchronous mechanism
  • Stepless seat depth adjustment
  • 4D armrest made of metal and polyamide, height adjustable, armrest made of high-quality polyurethane, can be moved and rotated horizontally in all directions
  • Patented adjustable braked rollers
  • 19 individually adjustable stretch positions
  • European production
  • Cover: 100% polyester from certified dynamic sports collection.
  • Proven safety and stability according CS, DIN EN 1335-1:2020-0, Arbeitsstuhl Typ B, DIN EN 1335-2:2019-04, DIN EN 16955:2017-08, AfPS GS 2019:01 PAK
Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 121 × 82 × 82 cm


Lean comfortably

A fully equipped office swivel chair according to DIN, synchronous mechanism, widely adjustable lumbar support, in other words, everything that is ergonomic. Sturgeoning is much closer to nature than any ergonomics. Since ergonomics partially counteracts nature, we have taken care with the Sturfer to recreate the original state of the body posture as closely as possible.

Chest support &
straight support

The chest support for your straight posturey

Your poor posture is a thing of the past. Our unique chest support relieves pressure on your spine, stretches your chest and abdominal muscles, reduces thoracic spine pain and straightens you up. This way you won’t get a hump in your old age. The chest support is the first comfortable and real tool to compensate and correct a postural weakness of the thoracic spine. All previous systems are often based on belt systems too weak and too flexible to achieve a permanent straightening of the posture.Due to the 3-D adjustment in length, depth and rotation, it adapts ideally to any chest. The chest contact pads gently hug the upper chest, allow free breathing and have the sweat channel cut out even on hot days due to the special arrangement.

Retractable 3D
comfort armrest

Stable and movable in all directions

The armrest supports you when sitting and can be folded down when falling to give you all the freedom of movement.

The lordosis support

When sitting support and when falling flatter abdomen by reducing the hollow back.

An infinitely adjustable lordosis support provides comfortable back support in the seat function. In the sturf position, it can be turned out very far and compensates for the pull of the hip flexor and the hollow back that develops. Reducing the hollow back results in a flatter abdomen.

Comfortable divided seat

Anatomically shaped for the perfect fit.

The anatomically shaped seat is optimized for long work and, via the gently yielding foam, has ideal functions for both sitting and resting the thigh and allows good muscle and soft tissue circulation in any position.

The stroke that lifts you up.

The tremendous power that keeps you in position.

You stand on the sturfer and you must be able to rely on the sturfer to carry you. 200Kg load and a buckling load of 120kg give you the security you need.

The stable base of the sturfer

Design and functionality

The base is designed for particularly stable requirements and allows for all agility needs. With unique design, it meets all the requirements for stability, legroom and footrest storage with its special shape.

Perfectly secured.

You can adjust the strength of the braking

The patented chair castors are ideally secured against rolling away of the sturfer with an adjustable brake. If necessary, stronger or weaker braking can be applied here by means of the adjustable mechanism.

From small to large & any weight class.

The pullout that creates height

The core of the sturfer is the unique height adjustment of the gas spring with patented double suspension extension. This turns the chair into a sturfer for people between 1.55 to 2.00 cm up to a weight of 120kg by extending and sloping the seat 3D and at the same time moving the chest rest from a springy synchronous position to a stable, supportive chest rest position that is ideal for working at a height-adjustable desk. The angle adjustment of the seat surface allows several intermediate positions from gentle hyperextension of the hips to maximum positions as in yoga.

Synchronous mechanism
for all degrees of freedom
when sitting.

The back gives exactly as much as you want.

The comfortable dynamic sitting is supported by an adjustable synchronous mechanism weight-adapted or fixed in the favorite position.

Various trend colors optional.

For stretching the thigh

With the sturfbands hooked to the pelvic press, the additional intensive stretching of the front of the thigh is possible. This intensifies the stretching effect and reduces the pelvic tilt forward. In addition to relieving tension in the thigh muscles, the abdominal muscles also lengthen, causing the rib cage to straighten. The sturf bands are available in various trendy colors optional.

The components of the sturfer

Sturfer standing position
Sturfer seating position

Chest system and headrest

The chest system keeps you in a comfortable position and eliminates postural imbalance.

The comfortable backrest is ergonomically shaped and has recesses for the chest in the fall position.

The retaining recesses enable safe ascent. The backrest – together with the lumbar support – is height adjustable to allow comfortable use for all body heights between 1.55 and 2.00 cm. The backrest is equipped with control buttons on the back for easy accessibility and has a recess to reduce the distance to the desk.

Pelvic presser

The pelvic press is the central element for hyperextension of the hip in 25° and 50°.

In the seat function, the pelvic presser is used to adjust the seat depth, allowing individual adjustment according to leg length. In the forward position, this unique counter-bearing element is the central control for hip hyperextension and psoas stretch. The individual height adjustment, pressure adjustment and ergonomic padding allow comfortable sitting on the pelvic press. The pelvic pusher can be optionally attached to either side of the sturper to stretch both sides of the body equally. Individual adjustment depending on leg length.

Upper leg rest

Here you can put one leg forward and achieve a strong stretch of piriformis and gluteal muscles incredibly comfortably.

A highlight is the upper leg rest, which acts as a lumbar support in the seated position and has several unique functions in the fall position. To counteract the pull of the gluteal muscles, one leg at a time can be placed forward over the folded-out leg rest.

To stretch the piriformis muscle and the gluteal muscles, the front leg can even be placed crosswise on the support. It is thus possible to achieve a pleasant, long-lasting stretch. The inclination of the leg rest can be adjusted to improve the stretching ability of persons who are not yet very well trained and supports the stretching progress with increasing stretching ability.

The position of the upper leg rest can be individually positioned according to body size.

Knee extension & knee support

The knee support stretches your shortened thigh and straightens your pelvis tremendously.

The anterior thoracic muscle is one of the most shortened muscles of the body and pulls the pelvis forward downward, which increases the hollow back. You can rest your knee on the knee rest in the sturf position, stretching the thigh. The enclosed sturf tape is used for this purpose. In the sturf position, space can be created for the kneecap by pulling out the knee support.

Variable footrest

The footrest stretches your calves at different angles.

Stable stand for dynamic lunging.

The single fold-out foot pads allow stable standing in all sturf positions. In sitting mode, the footrest folds back and rotates slightly with the chair. When standing, the angle adjustment can also be used to set a neutral position of the foot up to an intensive calf stretch, depending on individual preference.

The sturfer comes in gender neutral colors.

You see a pre-production model pictured here. The final product will differ slightly from this. The final color selection is being defined. We are currently planning an anthracite for the fabric and a dark anthracite for the plastic and a silver base. The cymbal pusher is slightly slimmer and the footpads will feature a soft touch cover. The gray controls will be slightly darker. We have also made small changes to details. In return you get the Sturfer in the final (!) version at the introductory price 1000 Euro cheaper, until we publish the final pictures here. We reserve the right to make changes.

Quality and price

The sturfer has had a development period of 5 years. The complexity of combining the fall function and the seat function without restriction has made the contruction extremely difficult. We have rebuilt every single component several times in some cases, and some very frequently. Due to the complexity, practically no ready-made purchased parts could be used. We had to have almost all components manufactured ourselves.

Since the sturfer must fully support a human, the sturfer has very high safety requirements. During the sturfing you have no contact with the ground. We have therefore placed very great emphasis on safety, stability and durability.

The Sturfer is made of high quality components, manufactured by brand manufacturers specifically for the Sturfer. Sustainability and the optimal use of resources are important to us, both in the choice of materials, the finishers and the transport routes. To save transport distances and uncertainties in the supply chains, the Sturfer is manufactured in Europe in certified factories with very good working conditions.

You can’t compare the cost of the sturfer to an ergonomic office chair. The Sturfer is also an ergonomic office chair, but it also offers unexpectedly more options. You have the option of not having to do any exercises. No matter how hard you find it to do exercises. The Sturfer takes away your practice time and exercises, it solves a previously unsolved problem. The sturfer has his price. For what it does, the sturfer is not expensive.